Retrieve your confidential USB passcode below

Welcome to PatientFileDirect's passcode retrieval page. You are in the right place if :

  1. You have a protected USB flash drive containing a medical record(s) from RSRS
  2. You are authorized to access the medical record(s) on the drive
  3. You need to retrieve the confidential passcode to open protected record(s) on the drive

To retrieve the passcode, please complete the fields below.


  • "Reference Number" refers to the 6 digit number that appears on the USB flash drive.
  • "Patient's Last Name" refers to the 1st patient's last name (ie. the main patient) on your original request.

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Help & Support
  • If you require further assistance, contact a member of our patient support team now at 1-888-563-3732 ext. 1