Continuity of care starts here

As Canada's only physician-managed medical records facility, Patient File Direct is dedicated to ensuring that you can access your medical records, especially when your doctor retires or moves away.


Patient File Direct stores and protects your paper and electronic medical records in secure state-of-the-art  storage facilities in Canada.


From coast-to-coast, Patient File Direct is compliant with all federal, provincial and professional privacy regulations.


Using the best quality assurance processes, Patient File Direct verifies that every page of your medical record is legibly copied in the original file order.

Why Canadian doctors and patients trust Patient File Direct

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Don't make doctors guess about your medical history

In 2015, a National Post article estimated that medical errors are responsible for more than 35,000 deaths in Canada every year. At least 30% of them could have been prevented had the medical record been present and available.



Proactive and Preventative

You proactively maintain files on your taxes, your mortgage, your insurance, your automobile, your children, etc.  It makes sense to retain your personal health records among your critically important files.


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Why Canadians trust Patient File Direct